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F2 – Butterflies

The Butterfly teachers are Miss Carrot (Admirals) and Mr Littlewood (Emperors).

Mrs Jones will also be teaching in Admirals.


PE will be on Monday afternoon, led by Mr Williams from the Dukeries Academy.  It would be helpful if PE kits could be kept in school for the rest of the week and return home on Fridays.


Day one in Emperors and Admirals, September 2016

We had a lovely first day of school together, getting to know each other, and exploring our classroom, outside learning areas and woodland.  We can't wait until there are chickens and rabbits in the new coop and hutch!

8th - 15th September: Getting to know you...

We have been getting to know each other over the last few days, using the indoor and outdoor areas, and getting used to the other rooms in the building and to school routines.   The staff have taken the opportunity to begin to make initial assessments of the children, including writing their own name.  In the last couple of days we have read 'Elmer and the Lost Teddy', and have begun making our own patchwork Elmers out of the old milk bottles kindly donated by our families.

Bodies, Bunnies and new buddies: 16th -22nd September 2016

Our first PE lesson, meeting the new rabbits, finding out about shape, naming different parts of the body, even having our school photographs...  what a busy time we have had in the last few days in Butterflies.  A particular highlight was the visit of Guy and his friend Harold the Giraffe, who brought the Life Education Bus with them; together we explored how our bodies work, and how to look after them with lots of exercise and plenty of sleep!  In between, our teachers have been taking time to assess the children as we start our learning journeys together, especially finding out which letter sounds and numbers the children can recognise.

23rd-29th September: numbers and letters, faces and friends

A quieter week has seen us focus on writing and number work, as well as beginning our phonics with the letters s and a.  We have been ordering the numbers 0-10 and then matching those to sets of objects.  We have also continued our work on the body, by writing labels for a human body, painting self-portraits and even bathing babies in our water zone!  We have started a new outdoor rota system which means that most children have had the opportunity to work and explore outside on most days.

29th September - 6th October: The Enormous Turnip and other stories

This week a lot of our work has focussed on the story of the Enormous Turnip - if you don't know it ask your child to tell you!  The children have really enjoyed retelling the story using drama and pictures, as well as digging up all kinds of root vegetables from the soil in our sand area.  We have also tried eating raw vegetables which have been dug up from the ground: beetroot, radishes, carrots, swedes, parsnips, onions... a few brave souls even ate some raw ginger!

7th - 13th October: Stone Soup and purple turnips

We have been continuing our work on traditional tales associated with food, looking at the story of Stone Soup.  We have even been chopping vegetables to make a stone soup of our own, which we are looking forward to tasting after Harvest Festival.  We have also been colour mixing, discovering which colours make purple, and how to make them lighter, in order to paint our own turnips.  We have been practicing s a t and p in our phonics, and we hope lots of people have been practicing at home too with the handy reminders everyone has been given.   And of course, we have been getting our surprise ready for the Harvest Service.  Join us tomorrow at 10am to find out what it is...!

Harvest, Huffing and Puffing: 14th-20th October 2016

Last Friday we had a lovely morning at St Paulinus Church, celebrating Harvest with the Reverend Phillip, as well as saying goodbye and thank you to our long serving chair of governors Tom McLafferty.  On Monday we joined in the whole school activity "Who is the Real Mr Wolf?", dressing up as fairy tale characters and exploring the woods for evidence of Mr Wolf.  The rest of the week was spent thinking about the story "The Three Little Pigs", including writing, hearing different versions of the story, matching dice to numerals with Mr Wolf, and even having a go at huffing and puffing in the playground.  The toy bricks outside gave us a chance to build our own houses, and then huff and puff and blow them down!
We hope you all have a fabulous half term holiday and we will see you all on Monday 31st October.

31st October- 3rd November: Welcome back with a bang

We are back!  It has been lovely to see so many of our grown ups in school for parents' evenings.  Meanwhile during the day we have been exploring the celebrations of the week, with pumpkins galore, followed by a focus on fireworks night.  We used our pumpkins to explore vocabulary and use our senses, as well as writing our phonics letters all over them to copy onto black sugar paper.  Later in the week, a couple of fireworks videos generated lots of  interesting vocabulary, and launched our maths into space with a counting rocket!   Watch to see what inspired us!

4th-10th November: A festival of umpteen lights

We have had another great week, continuing our work about Bonfire Night by exploring how another culture celebrates using light and fireworks.  The children have heard the story of Rama and Sita, celebrated by Hindus at Diwali, and explored it through play in a variety of different ways.  We have completed our fireworks literacy and numeracy work, and also begun making clay hands with traditional Indian rangoli patterns.  Today we have also begun looking at teen numbers, which are quite tricky to learn - but we are getting there!  You can help by looking out for them and pointing them out to your child!

11th - 17th November: Poppies and beanstalks

Last Friday we spent the day finding out about remembrance and poppies, watching a special video, spending a minute in silence, and also making our own poppies - some of these were used on our own poppy wreath at Ollerton's memorial the following Sunday.  This week our thoughts have turned to Jack and the Beanstalk, with only just over three weeks to our panto trip - Oh yes it is!  As well as becoming familiar with the story, we have done maths with Jack's magic beans, and written our thoughts on beanstalk leaves.  Fee fi fo fum!

18th-24th November: Further up the Beanstalk

Last Friday Butterflies celebrated Children in Need by coming out in spots.  A super effort saw the Butterflies classes come first and second in the fundraising for the charity - we must really like eating sweets!  We took the chance to practise our counting as we worked out how much we had raised.  This week we have continued to focus on Jack and the Beanstalk, planting our own beans in wet paper, acting out the story using a parachute(!), receiving a letter from the bean-seller, reading new words and letters as we played beanstalk bingo, and designing Jack's house and our  own  paper beanstalks.  (Plus, sshh, don't tell anyone, but we have started learning Christmas songs for our performance on 15th December!)

25th November - 2nd December: Christmas is coming!

This week we have been continuing with our Jack and the Beanstalk theme.  Only a week to go until the panto: we can't wait.  (O yes, you can!  O no we can't!)  We have been reading Jim and the Beanstalk by Raymond Briggs, and talked about characters, settings and story structure.  We have also been doing maths based on Jim's story, buying items for the old giant using gold coins.  Our writing looked at our beans, some of which have begun to sprout.  Meanwhile, we enjoyed the cold snap outdoors, including making frost angels.  And on Thursday, as the calendar turned to a new month, Christmas came to Butterflies, decorating our classrooms, and making decorations for the school's entry in Newark Parish Church's Christmas Tree Festival.

5th - 12th December: That's entertainment!

Our preparations for Christmas continued this week with lots of singing practice and secret filming!  We also sent letters inviting all our grown ups to our performance at St Paulinus this Thursday at 2pm (You're welcome!)  But the highlight of the week was definitely visiting the panto in Newark - Mrs Westbury even got kissed on the hand by Mark Fowler from EastEnders!


December 12th-16th: Let's celebrate!

It's been full on Christmas in Butterflies this week:  we have been making Christmas decorations and cards - maybe one or two will be coming your way soon!  On Tuesday we went up to Forest View to watch the KS1 play - A CRACKER of a play!  We have done a lot of singing and practising for our Christmas presentation, and the rehearsals paid off in a fabulous afternoon at St Paulinus Church.  Then on Friday we let our hair down on Christmas Party Day, with dancing and games galore - and a visit from a very special guest with a white beard and a red coat!  Ho ho ho!

Our last two days together in 2016 were full of fun.  Many of the children visited the Secret Santa Shop, then enjoyed Christmas Dinner together.   The next day was Christmas Jumper Day - we hope you enjoy looking at some of our fashions (sorry, we can't include full-on face shots, hence the headless bodies!)  We had lots of fun at a whole school Christmas singalong, and said a fond farewell to Miss Stanforth, Miss Roberts and Mrs Taylor.


We wish you all a Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday 4th January!


Our first few days back have been focussed on getting the children used to Butterflies' routine again, with lots of independent play, stories, songs and speaking and listening.

The children have coped very well with the new morning routine, coming in and putting away their own outdoor clothes and sorting out their bottles and bags without their grown-ups.  It has given us a chance to focus on our school value this half term, "Independence".

9th-13th January: Once there were Giants

This week we have read 'Once There were Giants' by Martin Waddell, a really lovely book about growing up, to help the children think about different phases of their lives.  We have measured ourselves using strips of paper, and written about the experience in our books.  In March we will do it again: do you think we will be the same size then?  We have also done some work on number, thinking about everything we know about different numbers.  We have also sent home a timeline activity for children to record their own lives together with their grown ups.  We can't wait to see what the children do!

Extra! Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We are very excited about our forthcoming trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Thursday 23rd March.  Read the details here or visit their website for lots more information about the animals and park:

16th - 20th January: Bones!

We have been visited this week by Skully the skeleton, who has been sitting in our room with his friend Skelly, inspiring our work.  We have learnt some of the names of bones, and some of us have practised writing them out.  We have made play dough bodies, and set up our own doctor's surgery for role play.  Elsewhere we have been working with mixing paint.  In maths, we have practised dividing counters into two groups, and finding out what happens when we join those groups together again.

23rd - 27th January: What's your best guess?

This week in guided maths we have been practising estimation - what is your best guess?  We have been looking at different amounts of objects and trying to estimate how many there were, then counting them.  It has been hard to get used to the idea that even if we didn't get the right answer, it may still have been a good estimate.  We have also been reading our own picture book, My Body, looking especially at tricky words like is, me, my and to.  We have really enjoyed reading the timelines that children have made at home:  lots of people mentioned special holidays, and Skegness was especially popular, so we decided to spend some time comparing Skegness to Ollerton.  We have begun a new scheme this week, encouraging children to collect different coloured sticks to make a rainbow - each colour is given for a different type of activity during independent play.  

Week beginning 30th January: Oh we did like to be beside the seaside

This week we have continued our theme of growing, although there is still a smell of the sea in the air, inspired  by holiday memories on our timelines:  we have been making sandcastles, played hook a duck, and written postcards home!  We have made box models of bodies, as well as articulating our own skeletons using split pins, and learning a fun skeleton dance.  We had a good sort through Miss Carrott's shopping: she had bought lots of healthy foods, but had also indulged in a few less healthy treats, and needed help to sort  out which was which!  In maths we have thought about sharing, having fun working out how to divide some children into equal groups in different rooms of a house.  This week we have also had lots of visitors to the classroom, as Mrs Tucker, Miss McGaw and Miss Norman have been having a look round at what we are doing.


We all went to the zoo: Yorkshire Wildlife Park, 23rd March 2017

Just look at all the amazing animals we saw when we went to the Yorkshire wildlife park!  It was a fantastic day.  Well done everyone for such super behaviour, and thanks to all the adults too!



Here be Dragons: April 21st

We have been very busy making dragons for the Ollerton St George's Day cedlebrations on Sunday.   See you there!

Here Be Dragons II: Sunday April 23rd

A big thank you to all the children, families and staff members who turned out for Ollerton's St George's Day parade today, not least to show off our brilliant dragons.  It was a lovely event, and big congratulations to Dillan from Year 2 for winning the individual child costume prize for the second year running.

Tesco: Farm to Fork Tuesday 23rd May 2017

What goes on behind the scenes at Tesco?  Now, if you want to know, just ask one of the Butterflies!   Kathy gave us a wonderful morning/afternoon, seeing the warehouse, docking bay, the cool fridge and the chilly freezer.  We hunted down fruit and veg in the shop and explored the bakery and the fishmongers.  We tried all sorts of other fruit, thinking about where it came from, and how it got there.  There were even freebies to take home.  Thanks so much TESCO!

Firefighters' visit: Thursday 25th May 2017

As part of our theme 'People who help us', we have been visited by four firefighters and the fire engine from Edwinstowe Fire Station.  We looked at the equipment, the engine, and the firefighters' uniform, practised using the hose, and learnt about what firefighters do and what we can do to keep safe.  Thank you so much Firefighters!

7th June onwards: The Final Frontier!

We have begun our space themed work, which includes our own lunar module which has landed in our role play area, space craft of different capacities, and making our own rockets in both construction and make and do!