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Year 1 – Hedgehogs

The Year 1 Hedgehog Class Teacher is Mrs Hall


  Year 1 pupils do PE every Wednesday and Thursday so please ensure your  child's  PE kit is in school at all times including warm clothing for when going outside.


We would like to kindly remind all parents that all children's earrings should be removed ready for PE days unless they are less than 6 weeks old when plasters should be supplied to cover the earrings during PE.


We will be going outside in all weathers, so please make sure that you child comes to school wearing appropriate clothing. As the weather is becoming colder we ask that the children come to school with hats, scarves and gloves; wellies are brilliant for outdoor learning as we might get a little muddy! 


Southwell Minster


We had a lot of fun on our trip to Southwell Minster. We took part in our very own wedding and christening. We herd stories from the bible and also learnt all about the men who built the minster and how they designed it. Thank you to all the parents who supported us with this trip.

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Exciting Maths



We have been investigating measure in Maths this week and today we have used our 30cm ruler to measure our partners. We had lots of fun measuring their hair, arms and hands. The children were very careful not to forget that we were measuring using cm, no elephants in sight.

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Summer Fayre!


Having a lot of fun in Hedgehogs this morning getting ready for the summer Fayre, we've coloured our flags, designed our posters and painted our Aboriginies picture frames. Plus learning lots of social skills along the way.


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All ready for the summer Fayre...


Thank you to everyone who came to our summer Fayre and showed us your support. We had a wonderful time and we hope you did too.

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in Maths we have been looking at splitting two digit numbers into 10's and 1's - we have use bundles of 10 lollipop sticks to help us see the different between 10 items and 1.

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Capacity and volume


This week we have looked at capacity and volume in Maths, we estimated how many cups of water each bottle would take to fill and then tested out our estimations.

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In Maths we have been looking at length and using this to secure our learning of halves - we used cubes to make Mummy worms and then split our cubes equally to find her baby half her length.

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In science we have been looking at materials. We investigated materials which floated or sank and then design a boat. After this we made our boats out of the materials we investigated and tested them. 

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Farm to Fork.


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All about poetry!


This week we are concentrating on poetry in our English and guided reading sessions. By the end of the week we will all of had a chance to perform our poem for our class mates.

Mr Grinling group performing their poem.

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Stick man group performing their poem.

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All about time!


This week we are looking at time, we are focusing on o'clock and half past and then we are going to try putting our day in the right order using time.

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We did it!


Fantastic performance and lots of fun had by everybody at the charity penalty shoot out.

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Fabulous Math.


We had a challenge today to choose our own learning activity. Green was a challenge, orange was more challenging and red was super star material. We had to decide which activity we wanted to try.

Football practice.

Fantastic football practice last week, I hope we are all excited and ready for our penalty shoot outs on Wednesday 15th March.

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Our First Library Visit


We had a lovely time for our first visit to the library. We explored and shared lots of different books and then chose our favourites to take back to school and share in class. I hope you're all excited for book day tomorrow.

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This morning Dash one of Santa's helper elves introduced himself to the hedgehog class. He told us that it was him who had made us our magical Santa's grotto and he would be back each day to see if he can spot children doing wonderful learning and being kind for Santa's nice list...  
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Today we had fun in maths counting and taking away magic beans.
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Spelling practice
We had great fun this week learning about the Masai tribe and their homes. We tried to replicate their houses using salt dough and hay.
We had a great time for children in need and we are very proud of all of our teams for raising a large amount of money for a great cause. Thank you to all of the adults who helped us get there. Didn't the children look fab in all of their spots ☺
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Thank you for all of your hard work with the summer project 😊

Thank you for all of your hard work with the summer project 😊 1