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Year 2 – Rabbits

Welcome to Year 2 - Rabbits!



The Rabbit Class teacher is Miss Stannard


The Year 2 pupils do PE every Tuesday and Friday so please ensure your child's PE kit is in school at all times! Make sure all PE clothes are labelled with names too will save us lots of time when getting changed.


Also don't forget we now have swimming on a Wednesday afternoon until the middle of May. Boys need trunks, no baggy shorts and girls need a swimsuit, no two piece swimwear and hair needs to be tied back. 

We really enjoyed our week experiencing Year 3! We had lots of fun exploring their new school and classrooms.


14th March 2017

What a busy month we have had so far! We have had some very special visitors staying with us since last Monday...some very cute baby chicks from White Post Farm. We received them as eggs on Monday and have been very lucky to watch the chicks hatch out of the eggs one by one. They are all now out of the incubator, exploring their new environment and the Rabbit team are very excited to hold the chicks to have a really close look at them before they return to White Post. 

Last week, Mansfield Town Football Club came to visit, running a football skills class for the team. We practiced our dribbling and shooting skills ready for our Penalty shootout on Wednesday (15th). The whole team were so eager to get involved and really showed off their skills! 

Don't forget our homework challenges for this half term! These are linked to our learning about Traditional Tales:

-Make a setting in a shoe box: Pick your favourite setting from a Fairytale; forest, castle, cottage etc and in a shoe box create your own setting.  Be creative!

-Write an adventure story: Can you write your own version of a traditional tale.  Or draw your own storyboard and write simple sentences underneath.

-PartitioningIn year 2 the children will be learning to partition numbers into tens and units.  Play lots of games that will encourage children to separate these numbers up to 20, 50 or 100.  You can use equipment to help or even see what fun games are online.  Take photos or bring in work.  

-Interview an older person: Have you got an older relative or neighbour who you can interview to find out about their favourite childhood stories? Ask them questions about why they liked that story?  Who was their favourite character?  Did they have a favourite setting? Don’t forget to snap a photo of you conducting the interview.

-Design a house for the three little pigsNot all of the pigs were good at building houses.  If you could design a house for a little pig what would it look like?  What materials would you use?  Design and label your house.  Is it safe from the Big Bad Wolf?


September 2016


Welcome back to Maun! I hope you all have had a lovely Summer holiday and are ready for lots of new learning in Year 2...

We have been busy in our first couple of days really thinking about what it means to be a Year 2 as well as part of the Rabbit Team. The children worked in partners to think about what is important within our classroom and the whole class created a Classroom Agreement, as well as some Waste Promises, to link to our 'eco' themes within Maun. These will be up in our room all year to remind us of our responsibilities when we are at school. We have also been busy getting to know our new classroom and settling in! 


The Rabbit Team grown-ups have been so impressed with our Rabbit Summer Project...have a look at the photos to see our masterpieces!

September Settling In!