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Our school vision and values are at the core of everything we do. Our vision and values underpin all the work of the school including our work related to community cohesion.


We aim to create an outstanding, caring school community where everyone is valued and developed to their full potential as individuals, learners and as members of a community where they will play a part now and in their future lives.

Our Vision

We advocate a consistent approach to teaching and learning, strongly informed by research evidence into what works in the classroom. We recognise the importance of personalising learning to the needs of individual children and classes. We are interested above all in doing what has effective impact. Our focus is upon all children in our classes making maximum progress across the curriculum, developing a healthy mindset to learning and ambition to strive to be the best person they can be.

Creating our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been created with our children, families and community in mind. Our curriculum will support our children in becoming good citizens and give them the confidence to want to explore the wider world. Every child from Nursery through to Year 2 is unique and our curriculum ensures we are constantly developing learning, mastery skills, resilience, confidence, decision making, exploration opportunities and perseverance.


At Maun Infant and Nursery School, we aim to provide a safe and secure environment where our children are inspired to learn, be creative, be challenged and be the best person they can be. This will enable our children to be positive citizens in society and prepare them for modern Britain.


We are committed to deliver high standards in all areas of learning across the whole school. The Early Year’s Foundation Stage Curriculum is delivered through development matters statements, where the children can learn through exploration and play, be creative and develop their own thinking. In Key Stage 1, the National Curriculum programmes of study are followed, where the children


At Maun, we have created an ambitious curriculum with high aspirations for all our learners. It is our aim to deliver a curriculum that is rich, develops our children’s curiosity and a hunger to learn more and develop their own skills. Our curriculum is planned to ensure that knowledge and concepts are repeated throughout the year and therefore allows learning to be retained in the long-term memory, we call this ‘sticky Knowledge’.  Each project has key texts and concepts that enables our children to make links across subjects with their learning. Our curriculum has been designed to enable the pupils to learn all about themselves and their immediate environment in the Early Years, progressing to the wider world in Key Stage 1. In the Foundation Stage, each project has been carefully chosen to ensure it enhances their knowledge of everyday life. The EYFS curriculum is language rich both indoors and outdoors.  By including famous people as the main focus for our projects in Key Stage 1, it enables our children to find out about the wider world and the opportunities that are available to them in their next stage of learning and in their future. 


PSHRE is a main driver in our curriculum and we aim to support our children in developing them spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. At Maun, we believe that our children need to learn the essential knowledge. However, it is not just this knowledge that develops the whole child, our values, our ethos our PSHRE curriculum gives our children the best start and a positive healthy attitude to learning from Nursery through to Year 2. Our Talking Points Curriculum, includes rich texts which supports our children to grow into positive, responsible people who can work with others, while developing life-long skills. This will enable our children to be positive citizens in society and prepare them for modern Britain. Our characters for effective learning also supports the development of our curriculum which meets the needs of all our children.


We value reading as a key life skill, and we are dedicated to enabling our children to become lifelong readers. Reading underpins everything we do at Maun, by developing these skills our children’s confidence will develop across the whole curriculum, it will develop their cultural capital and they will be ready for their next stage of learning.


Enjoyment and engagement is key to ensure our children make good progress alongside a strong home school partnership. We ensure that our children receive first hand experiences to support their learning. Through promoting positive attitudes to learning our children will enjoy school, and acquire a secure love for learning. At the end of Year 2 our children will be:





A Maun child will be....

Our Drivers:

Identity       Resilience    Possibilities 


What makes me, me? We teach our children that we grow and change.

Why is it important to know what makes me, me?

  • Sense of self
  • Self-reflection
  • Values and interests
  • Influences from friends and family

At Maun we nurture our children from Nursery through to Year 2. We support their development and watch them grow, physically, academically and support them to grow a healthy mindset towards learning and life. It is important that our children know who they are themselves, recognise their own identity to ensure they achieve these qualities. If our children recognise their own identity, their own strengths and qualities it will help them develop into a healthy, mature and resilient young person and giving them the strength of character to recognise uncomfortable situations, which supports the prevent agenda. Once our children recognise their own identity, it will help them to appreciate the right to individuality.




We chose resilience as a school driver as we wanted our children to have a positive attitude towards challenging and tricky situations. Our monitoring showed that our children lacked resilience when working and in social situations.  Through teaching our children strategies to be resilient, they will be prepared to cope with both academic and emotional challenges.


It is important our children learn and understand that there are endless possibilities for them both now and in their future. Our curriculum will open their eyes to a wider world in which they can be a part of. By including famous people to enhance our projects, we opening our children’s eyes to future careers and opportunities for them. We want to ensure the children at Maun believe anything is possible with hard work, creativity and a positive mindset.



Our Curriculum

We are developing our curriculum this year. The long term plans will be developed as each half term progresses.

KS1 Curriculum Coverage Grids


The English curriculum is taught using a Talk for writing approach which, develops the children's writing skills and use of creative vocabulary. Alongside this the children have Rainbow Grammar lessons, phonics, spelling and handwriting. In Year 2 the children follow a spelling scheme -  No Nonsense Spelling.  Across school, children have daily English and guided reading sessions. Guided reading gives the children opportunities to develop their reading and comprehension skills. The children read quality books. They also have their own personal login to Bug Club. This allows the children to read appropriate book banded books assigned to them by their teacher on a tablet at home or school. 

Reading at home booklet

Phonics at Maun

Phonics - learning through play

Grammar Overview

Grammatical Terminology


We always try to help you support your child at home with their learning.  Spelling and grammar are given such high priority in the National Curriculum now, it is important for parents to be as 'clued up' as possible when it comes to supporting children with their writing.  Here are some explanations which may help give some clarification:


English Genres

Achieving Excellence in Handwriting

Handwriting Positions

RE Curriculum

RE Autumn term Coverage

RE teaching at Maun follows the guidance of the Nottinghamshire and City of Nottingham Schools Agreed Curriculum for Religious Education (SACRE). The focus during Foundation Stage is on the Christian faith, with Christianity and Judaism both being taught during Key Stage 1. Children reflect on their own family beliefs and practices, and compare them with the beliefs and practices of these religions, as well as the stories and traditions of their holy books, the
Torah and the Bible. They also study festivals of these and other faiths as they occur through the year, including Christian Harvest Festival and Christmas, the Hindu festival of Diwali and the Chinese New Year.

Teaching is delivered through discussion, handling artefacts, art and crafts,
story telling and reading, drama, music, visits to places of worship and visitors to school.

The teaching respects at all times that children at our school come from a
variety of faith backgrounds, including those religions that are being taught and others, as well as agnostic and atheist viewpoints. We encourage and
value children’s access to this aspect of the curriculum, as we do with all our curriculum teaching, but parents and responsible adults do have the right to withdraw children from RE teaching if they wish to do so.“


PSHE Statement

SMSC at Maun

SMSC is the abbreviation for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. We promote these important areas with our everyday working, learning, playing and socialising together at school. SMSC helps children to develop a deeper understanding of the wider world, an understanding of themselves and empathy with others. It also enables children to take an active role in society and take responsibility for it.


       Spiritual development


Through our spiritual development at school we develop our self-esteem and early skills   of  critical thinking. We learn to be reflective about our own beliefs and develop respect for different faiths as we find out about faiths, feelings, and develop a fascination in learning about themselves,  others and the wider world.


      Moral development

Through our moral development at school we learn to recognise the differences between right and wrong. We try to understand the consequences of our behaviour and actions and consider the viewpoints of others. We also learn to care for living things and the environment.


Social development

Through our social development at school we develop a range of social skills in different contexts. We foster an understanding of the British Values: democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.


Cultural development

Through our cultural development we start to develop an understanding and appreciation of a range of different cultures and a willingness to participate and respond to artistic, sporting and cultural opportunities. We start to show respect for different faiths and begin to show tolerance for different religions, ethnicities and socio-economic groups.






  Overview of SMSC curriculum


Spiritual curriculum content is highlighted in yellow.

Moral curriculum content is highlighted in green.

Social curriculum is highlighted in red.

Cultural curriculum is highlighted in blue.



Characters For Learning

Throughout school the children use different characters to help them become confident learners with 'go for it', positive attitudes. Each character has a red level, amber level and green level. They always try to aim for green!

Our Characters

      Take Five


At Maun Infant and Nursery school it is our aim to develop children's confidence, self-awareness, self-belief and self-esteem. By developing these skills it means the children develop insight, they are more resilient and able to respond to situations rather than react.

By taking part in the Take Five scheme the children  learn different breathing exercises which they can use throughout their school day or at home to keep the calm and focused. Below are a few comments the children made about Take Five and how it helps them:


When we are in school ‘Take 5’ helps us to;

Happy, good, strong

Clears the brain

Stops you from talking

Calms you down

Ready to learn



The classroom feels calm

We don’t tell each other off for no reason

When I open my eyes after it looks lighter



Homework Challenge


Homework challenges are set every half term across FS and KS1. Each cohort sets various challenges linked to the learning that will take place throughout the half term period. The different challenges enable the children to share their skills in writing, art, Maths, DT, IT and have quality time with adult support at home. Each challenge is worth points and we challenge the children to aim for 30 points. Each half term we show the fantastic work at our Homework Showcases where school is open for families to come and look.


We always look forward to seeing all of your creative ideas.  

Have fun!