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Bubble Overview

For the last two weeks in school, we've had four 'bubbles' of children working in allocated bases.  As the days have progressed and more of our key worker parents have returned to work, our pupil numbers have increased.  It's been lovely to have children back on site once again!


HUGE thanks go to the children and families who have recently been attending, all of whom have been brilliant at adhering to the new rules and routines.  Our children haven't been phased at all and our parents and carers have been so supportive.  I personally, have enjoyed being able to chat and get to know many of you a little better!


From next week as you know, we will be welcoming back more of our F2 children and staff. Though we continue to be very serious about managing everyone's safety in the current situation, we really can't wait to have them back!


When Monday comes, we won't quite be at full capacity yet and we are still hoping to be able to invite back some of our Y1 children in the week beginning 22nd June.  This will be entirely dependent on how many more of our key worker children will need places back at school before the end of the year, so we'll keep you posted with updates in the upcoming week.


Below is an overview showing details of all the 'bubbles' which will be on site when we get to full capacity.