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Me Time

At Maun we understand how important well-being and mindfulness is for all of our children. Each Friday afternoon all children take part in 'Me Time.' This is an opportunity for the children to take part in an activity linked to improving their well being. 

We have 6 activities:

Mindful colouring- colouring in and thinking about the colours and how they make us feel

YoGo- a child centered version of Yoga

Sensory Experience- using all of the senses to think about happy places

Dough Discovery- using play dough with different colours, textures and smells

Doodle Art- doodling our cares away

Fun Fit Friday- getting our body and mind moving with different dance moves


Listening to all the relaxing music, hearing the calming tones used during the activities, as well as the smells from the sensory activity makes Maun an oasis of calm with many smiling faces!