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Power Maths

Power Maths - the whole-class mastery approach that works for every child

Discover Power Maths - a new and exciting programme written specifically for UK classrooms and inspired by mastery best-practice from around the world.Create...

White Rose Maths’ Schemes of Learning and Power Maths are used widely by many schools across the country to help foster a mastery approach in the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Teaching using the mastery approach means it is achievable for all.

Having high expectations for children encourages that positive mindset towards Maths, with lessons designed to follow small steps to give children opportunities to reason about concepts and make connections. We want to embed a deep understanding of maths by employing the CPA process in lessons:

Concrete­(using resources)  ⇒    Pictorial (2D pictures)   ⇒   Abstract (in your head)