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Take Five


'Take Five' is a programme of short breathing practices developed by the company Each Amazing Breath. The name reminds us to 'Take Five' minutes out of our busy lives to be still and calm - this is particularly good for developing positive wellbeing and can be used at any time of the day.  In school, we tend to 'Take Five' with children when we see they need to refocus in class, or as a calming strategy after busy times like playtime. All our classrooms have a Breathing Bear (pictured below), which we use as a reminder of how important it is to stop and 'Take Five'.


During the COVID-19 lockdown, these strategies will be particularly helpful to parents and carers working with their children at home.  You might even find they help to set the tone and calm children just before bedtime as well as at other times in the day.  And of course, they're not restricted to being used just by children - adults need time to calm and be still too!


Each week, we'll upload a new 'Take Five' poster containing online links to videos of the practices.  You'll need a password to access the videos which we'll send to our parents and carers by text.  Please don't share this outside of our Maun family though, as these are not to be accessed by others who aren't licensed by Take Five.  Many thanks!


Do remember to let us know how you get on through our school Facebook page: