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Wednesday 20th May

Keeping Early Years Unique have created a list of activities and things to do that don't require the use of technology. Some of these activities were written before the pandemic so please ignore the mentions of going to the library, etc.

Tuesday 19th May

National Museums Liverpool have launched a very special project called My Home is My Museum. It is trying to encourage children aged between 4 and 11 to create their own museum from objects at home. I absolutely love the idea of this and it would be great to see what you put in your museum!

Monday 18th May

History Storytime is a podcast especially made for children in primary schools. It gives children the chance to explore history with Sophie (7), Ellie (4) and their dad. I loved listening to some of the stories they included!

Our useful link today is something a little bit fun for the weekend! Sadler's Wells, the famous dance theatre and company have created a series of online workshops and activities for audiences to dance along to in their own homes. They have been specially created for families with younger children so have some fun today!

14th May

Today's link is BrainPOP. It is a website full of educational resources covering a variety of subjects and ages. It has free access while schools are closed.

13th May

Blockly is a website aiming to teach simple computer programming skills to kids. There are lots of different fun educational games to get involved in! See what you think


12th May

Our useful link for today is something a little bit different. There are some brilliant virtual tours of different historical sites around the world. I have picked out just 2 but there are lots on the internet!

Buckingham Palace

The Pyramids, Egypt

Enjoy your trips from your living room! 

11th May

Today's useful link is The British Museum. They have created a vast online exhibition looking at different historical artefacts throughout the ages. As a history lover, I found this website incredibly interesting!

7th May

The Literacy Shed are offering different packs of English and Phonics activities for free at the moment. There are KS1 activity packs, comprehension activities and different book related activities

6th May

The Day Home is a daily newsletter for families, helping to enrich learning with real-life knowledge and skills. This newsletter is published at 7am Monday to Friday and contains a brief guide to the important news of the day, as well as recommending activities for different ages of children to do at home. They also share links to different pieces of news if your child or you want to learn more.

5th May

Some of you already watch 'Do You Know?' on Cbeebies, a programme answering different questions about the world. The presenter, Maddie Moate has her own YouTube channel where she is doing live broadcasts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today's live video is all about 'Bounce and Stretch'. Enjoy!

4th May

The Scouts have created a section of ideas and activities called 'The Great Indoors', helping children learn new skills and have fun!


1st May

I thought I would share a Phonics specific useful link which should be helpful for children from Nursery, Butterflies and the rest of school too.

Monster Phonics have a variety of home learning activities linked to learning different sounds, as well as the high frequency, or 'tricky' words that children are expected to know by sight. They have also made their wide library of activities free for parents by using this:

username: login

password homelearning


Ongoing learning for each year group. 
The photos below are learning ideas for each year group. Happy learning. 

Year 2

Year One


30th April

 I thought I would share with you a new online learning academy that is endorsed by the Government today. The Oak National Academy is broadcasting online sessions for English, Maths and other topics for ages from Reception all the way up to Year 10.

Daily Lessons from the BBC


For children in Years 1 and 2, daily lessons in 20-minute chunks can be accessed through BBC Bitesize using the link below.  You can choose the relevant year group and the subject you fancy.  Some of the lessons are even taught by famous people that our children have studies i.e. Sir David Attenborough.


Keeping children's reading and writing skills going is important, but don't forget about subject areas such as History and Geography - these are likely to be the ones which capture children's interest and give them something to read or write about.


Attention Year 1s...and anyone else who loves musicals! Every week a full length musical will be shown on this YouTube channel. It just so happens that the first one is Joseph which we were doing lots of learning about in Badgers and Hedgehogs 👍 get your singing voices warmed up and your technicolour dreamcoats at the ready!

The Woodland Trust have created some lovely science and nature related activities to participate in.

This website has lists of lots of lovely quality books with different activities linked to them. Hope you enjoy them.

PhonicsPlay is free to use during the period of school closure. This website has lots of great games to consolidate phonics learning and practise segmenting and blending.

Top Marks have lots of interactive games linked to different aspects of the curriculum. I particularly like the Helicopter Rescue game!

ICTgames does exactly what it says on the tin! Lots of interactive games linked to English and Maths.

Teacher's Pet has created lots of different work from home packs for EYFS (Nursery/Reception) and KS1 (Year 1/Year 2), as well as other resources. They have even made some rainbow window posters you can download and colour.

Again, TTS have created free work from home booklets linked to EYFS and KS1. These have loads of ideas linked to all aspects of the curriculum.

The Imagination Tree is a brilliant website and Facebook page with lots of amazing creative activities for all ages. At the moment, there is a 'Stay at Home Survival Guide' which is excellent.

National Geographic has a great kids section of the website with lots of learning about animals, wildlife and the world around them.

Suitable for Year 1 and 2, BBC Bitesize has a variety learning about different art techniques. Within each technique, there are videos about famous artists and things to try at home as well as games to have a go at!

Forest Schools in the Home and Garden


Does your child learn best by 'doing'?  Do they like to be 'hands-on'?  If the answer is yes, this may be something you'd like to try.  Use the links below to access You Tube videos for each Forest Schools session.  We'll add to these as more sessions are published.  Resources will be uploaded below too.




Fancy a spot of singing?

(We love to sing at Maun!)


Here is a set of songs released by Out of the Ark Music for your use at home while schools are closed.  There's one for each day linked to the themes shown below. Our children know Tuesday's song already - it's one of our favourites!  Use the links below to access the words and music for each one on You Tube.


Move-it Monday - 'Start the day with exercise'

Together on Tuesday - 'Together'

Wellbeing Wednesday - 'I'm ok'

Thinking Thursday - 'Living and Learning'

Fun Friday - 'The Bonkers Song'

Family Saturday - 'I've got a cardboard box'

Faith-filled Sunday - 'As the sun rises'


Update: Monday 6th April 2020 - Out of the Ark have continued to publish one song per day since schools closed on 20th March. They all have activity ideas and some even have videos of action dances or signing.  Access all songs and linked activities/video clips using the link below.  Don't forget to keep checking back as these are updated each week:

Good luck with the songs in parts - happy singing everyone!

Here are some ideas for calming breathing exercises to do with your child. We want to promote healthy mindfulness in these unprecedented times and these will hopefully help.


Chatta is teaching tool we have been using at Maun since Christmas. It allows teachers to use photos or pictures to put into a storyboard. Children can then rehearse and record themselves saying a sentence or two about each picture. It's great for oral practice of language and sentence construction before getting to the point of writing. If our children can't say it first, they're definitely not going to be able to write it! We use it all the way through school from nursery to Y2 and our children love it!


Chris, who is the developer of Chatta, has very kindly offered a free 'Chatta Club' for parents and carers of all schools currently using Chatta. He will put together a daily task and send it out to those of you who join. Please do give it a go - this will be a great way of keeping the learning going for your little ones! 


Use the link below to access the joining page:


Mathematics Mastery has some great free resources for all ages (Butterflies/Year 1/Year 2). There are a variety of printable packs linked to different aspects of the Maths curriculum.

White Rose is the maths curriculum we follow in Year 1 and 2. They have an entire section of their website dedicated to Home Learning with activities for all year groups clearly labelled. The Early Years resources (Nursery/Butterflies) are particular lovely, linking to stories! There are also videos with teaching aspects connected to the different sections too.

The last thing I want to share is Numberblocks on Cbeebies. It is brilliant for building knowledge of numbers as well as doubles, simple addition and subtraction and also shape.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great Youtube channel using different simplified yoga moves and links them to stories and songs. This is great for all ages, I know 1 year olds and 10 year olds who really enjoy it!

BBC Supermovers uses songs and movement to teach different aspects of the curriculum, including counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and what question marks are for. These are probably more suitable for Year 1 and Year 2 children.

This website has a massive database of resources and activities linked to many different aspects of the curriculum. Every year group is catered for and there is also a variety of original e-books too. You will need to set up an account but this is quick and easy!

The specific parents section of this website has lots of great resources including an extensive library of e-books, guides linked to phonics and maths games and activities. These are divided into age groups for ease too.