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Butterflies (F2)

             Welcome To The Butterflies!

There are two Butterfly classes, Admiral Butterflies and Emperor Butterflies.


The teacher in Admiral Butterflies is Miss Carrott, and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Findlay. Mrs Witts will provide cover for Miss Carrott for a day and a half a week (Thursday afternoons and all day Fridays)


The teacher in Emperor Butterflies is Mrs Yates, and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Callender.  Mrs Westbury will provide cover for Mrs Yates for half a day a week on a Thursday.


PE kits should be in school on the first day of every half term and should remain in school until the following school holiday when they will be sent home for washing! 

If children wear earrings they will need to be able to remove them themselves for PE to be able to participate. Children who have had their ears pierced recently should bring plaster to school to cover their earrings during the healing period, after this they must be able to remove them.


Water bottles should be bought to school on a Monday morning and need to be clearly labelled with your child's name;  they will stay in school all week, then be sent home on Fridays for a good clean.

The Butterflies have started to go into special assembly on a Friday and we are enjoying seeing the achievements of others in school. At the special assembly three trophies are given out, reading at home, writing at home and maths at home. If the children bring in maths work or writing from home (or if parents put the work onto Tapestry) they will be entered into the trophy book. One child is then chosen to receive the trophy.

To get their name in the trophy book for reading, the children need to read three or more times at home in a week and these should be recorded in their reading passports. Again they will be then entered into the trophy book and one child will take the trophy home.

Good Luck Everyone!

Our First Week:  6th-8th September 2017

We have had a lovely start to the new year, exploring the classroom and getting used to our new routines.  We know where our pegs are, where to keep our water bottles and our book bags!  We have had lots of fun playing in all the learning areas and sharing stories and songs.  Can't wait for the rest of the year!

Life education bus: 13th September 2017

The Life Education bus visited us today, with Guy and his friend Harold the Giraffe.  We learnt about bones, muscles and blood, and where to find different parts inside our bodies.  We learnt how to keep healthy, and what to do if we are feeling sad.  Typical comments from children were 'awesome', and 'I don't want to get off the bus!'  We were really proud of the way that our new Butterflies engaged with the activities and behaved.

Autumn 1 Curriculum Flyer

Phonics week ending 15th September

Still image for this video
This week we have learnt s a t p.

Phonics week ending 22nd September 2017

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This week we have learnt the phonemes (sounds) i n m d, and the tricky words 'is' and 'the'. Please check out this video and look out for these sounds and words when reading with your child.

Our Scarecrow: The BFG! 22nd September 2017

All this week Butterflies have been busy stuffing old stockings to fill our fantastic school scarecrow, based on the BFG, which is taking part in the Ollerton Scarecrow Festival this weekend.  We hope you like him.  We think he is gloriumptious!
STOP PRESS!   Our scarecrow won the village competition!  Well done to all our stuffers in Butterflies,  and to everyone who contributed, and especially to Mrs Callender for organising and creating our super BFG!

Phonics week ending 29th September 2017

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This week in phonics we have learnt the sounds g, o, c and k, and continued to work on tricky words 'the' and 'is'.

Phonics: week ending 6th October

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This week in phonics we have covered h e r and b. We have also learnt the key words 'and' and 'to'. We have had a try at writing out a whole sentence for the first time.

Harvest Festival: October 12th 2017

We had a super Harvest Festival in our own school hall, after illness led to the cancellation of our visit to church. We were sorry not to be able to welcome parents, families and friends to our celebrations, but rest assured that the Butterflies did themselves proud with their rendition of Big Red Combine Harvester!

No photographs on this page, sorry, but we do have an audio recording of the song for you to enjoy.

A big thank you to everyone who donated harvest gifts, which were taken to the Ollerton Food Bank on the day! Butterflies families were especially generous!

Phonics Week Ending 13th October

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Phonics week-ending 20th October

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In our phonics this week we have learnt the sounds j, v, y, z and x, and the key words go and no.

End of half term

End of half term 1
End of half term 2

The end of this half term saw a sad farewell to Miss Jennings, who has been providing 1:1 care for a child in Admirals.  The children said farewell to her at a special F2 assembly, and gave her some children's books and toys as a present to use in her next job.


Have a great holiday everyone and see you on Monday 30th October!

Phonics week ending November 26th

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Yes its back! Our phonics video this week is all about double letters: ff ss ll zz. We also look at key words he and we.

Advent is here! Friday 1st December

Magic Snowflakes

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Each night before we go home we need to sprinkle a few magic snowflakes on Pip McJingle so Pip can go back to the North Pole to tell Santa how well the children have done at school that day. I wonder if the children tell you all about this? ❄️❄️❄️

Meet the mischievous elf Pip McJingle that arrived today in Admiral Class!

Meet the mischievous elf Pip McJingle that arrived today in Admiral Class! 1

Phonics week ending 1st December

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This week in our phonics we have practised ch, sh, and two different ways to say th (as in this and thin). We have also worked on the tricky words we and he.

Here we go up to Bethlehem

Here we go up to Bethlehem 1
Well done Butterflies for a super Christmas production at St Paulinus Church on Thursday.  We watched many different Josephs and Marys in a film version  of Jesus' Christmas Party, between festive songs sung live to an audience of enthusiastic parents, family and friends.  The level of performance and behaviour was spectacular.  We are so proud!

Phonics week beginning 29th January

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This week we have continued to focus on digarphs (letters which work together to make one sound). We have learnt three new ones: oi ow and oa. Take a look at the video for more info. Please look out for these sounds and point them out when reading to and with your child.

Phonics w/b 5th February

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This week in phonics we have learnt the graphemes oo or and ar

phonics w/b 12th February

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This week in phonics we have learnt the graphemes ur ear air and ure


Dinosaurs 1
Dinosaurs 2
Last term our work was around the theme of dinosaurs, counting, writing about, learning about, acting out what dinosaurs were like.  We had a great time!  Roar!

Into the woods

Into the woods 1 Early spring growth
Into the woods 2 Mud kitchen
Into the woods 3 Hide and seek
Into the woods 4 exploring the woods
Last half term we completed our chart for good behaviour when  lining up at playtime.  Our reward was an afternoon in the woods, playing hide and seek, looking round and exploring spring growth, and an outdoor story time.

Curriculum learning for Spring 2 half term

Let it snow!

Let it snow! 1
Let it snow! 2
Let it snow! 3
Let it snow! 4
Let it snow! 5
As you can see, the snow gave us a very different week from the one we were expecting!


Storytelling 1
Mr Littlewood visited both classrooms in his guise as a storyteller to tell us monster stories.  These were to match up with our Reading Week, when we looked at Julia Donaldson, author of the Gruffalo.

Skipping Workshop

Skipping Workshop 1


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger 1
PC Harradine come into school to talk to the Butterflies about Stranger Danger. We learnt what to do if a stranger talks to us and also about safe strangers.

Bug Club

Bug Club 1
Bug Club 2
We have enjoyed exploring Bug Club on the kindles. The children are learning to sign into their own accounts and are reading independently. We can’t wait to spend all of the gold coins we are collecting. Don’t forget to encourage your child to read using Bug Club at home!