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Hi everyone


Welcome back to Maun and a very big welcome into Year One!


My name is Mrs Hall and I teach in The Year One Hedgehogs Class. You will also find Mrs Frearson camping out in our classroom. If you ever need any help or have any worries or concerns we are all happy to help  Everyone is very excited for the year ahead and cannot wait to share all of our learning, progress and achievements with you on our class page.


The children in Hedgehog Class will have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. PE kits should have the appropriate clothing for both indoor and outdoor PE as they will remain in school all the time. PE kits will be sent home for washing every half term. If children wear earrings they will have to be removed before coming to school on our PE days or, as an alternative, the children will have to bring their own plasters to school and be able to place them over their earrings themselves.

Water bottles should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. They will stay in school all week and be sent home on Fridays for a good clean.

Please make sure they come back to school on Monday morning.

Fiction or Non- fiction? What is the difference?

Archery with Coach Jake

Curriculum Enrichment Week - Day 3

Curriculum Enrichment Week - Day 2

Practice for 'Little Big Sing' performance


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ROTI making and cooking (at Mrs Hall's house)

Curriculum Enrichment Week - Day 1

MUSIC - Follow and copy the beat

Dancing - Bollywood style

New Project 2.mp4

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ART - Indian Elephants

Mrs Armitage On Wheels

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World book day

Shrove Tuesday

Scene for our moving car

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Exploring wheels and axels

Hot Seating


We wrote question we would ask a pirate if we ever had the chance to meet one. We then videoed ourselves our responses using language from the story, 'On a Pirate Ship'.

New Project 3.mp4

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We looked at compasses and talked North, South, East and West. The children learnt the rhyme never, eat, shredded wheat to help them remember each direction then we went outside to play 'Captains Coming'.

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Little Big Sing


We had a visit from a lady called Saree, she taught us a group of songs which we will continue to learn at school in preparation for the 'Little Big Sing' event on the 27th March. 

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Pirates Ahoy!


As we came to school we found something strange was afoot... Someone had been at our school leaving clues encouraging to go into all the places which are out of bounds. Once we followed the clues they lead us to treasure.


Pirate Treasure!!!


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3D shape

3D shape 1

Rainbow Grammar

Rainbow Grammar 1

Rhyme and Rhythm

Rhyme and Rhythm  1


Addition 1

Germs and keeping ourselves healthy

Germs and keeping ourselves healthy 1

Materials. What do they feel like?

Materials. What do they feel like? 1


Drama 1

Tens and ones

Tens and ones 1

What makes a hero?

What makes a hero? 1

Tents and structures

Tents and structures 1

Investigating waterproof materials

Investigating waterproof materials 1

Chappati making and tasting

Chappati making and tasting 1

more, less or equal to

more, less or equal to 1

Systematic number bonds

Systematic number bonds 1

Story mountains

Story mountains 1

Ollerton buildings

Ollerton buildings 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

Showing off our moves at play time...

Showing off our moves at play time... 1
Showing off our moves at play time... 2
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Summer Challenge!


Wow! What a fantastic surprise for our first few days back at school. You've all tried very hard with your summer challenge of making a Hedgehog out of recycled materials. The whole of the Hedgehog team were very excited to look at all of our creations.


Thank you to all parents, careers, grandparents and childminders for their hard work over the holidays.

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