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Hi everyone


Welcome back to Maun and very big welcome into Year One!


My name is Mrs Hall and I teach in The Year One Hedgehogs Class. We are very excited for the year ahead and cannot wait to share all of our learning, progress and achievements with you on our class page.

What does exercise do to our bodies?


During our PE session we paid close attention to the changes which were happening with our bodies. After a few minutes of warm up our heart started to beat faster, our breath became heavy and our cheeks were red.


We made sure to cool our bodies down at the end of our session using some hand eye coordination activities and stretches.

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Ordering numbers



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Tree classification...


Is a tree a plant?


Today we investigated our outdoor area to find out the answer. First we looked at the different parts of a plant, we then looked closely at trees in our environment and discussed what was the same and what was different.


The children then depend their learning by completing Venn

diagrams with the criteria tree\not a tree and tree/flowering plant.

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Team fun!

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Life bus...


Learning all about our bodies, healthy food and exercise.

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Calling all Superheroes.




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Parachute fun!


Lots of team work, learning our colours and taking turns. With a little banana dancing to finish it off 😊

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Summer Challenge!


Wow! What a fantastic surprise for our first few days back at school. You've all tried very hard with your summer challenge of making a Hedgehog out of recycled materials. The whole of the Hedgehog team were very excited to look at all of our creations.


Thank you to all parents, careers, grandparents and childminders for their hard work over the holidays.

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