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Welcome to the Squirrel Team

Welcome back to Maun and Year 2. The children have had a fabulous first day and settled into the Year 2 team beautifully. The children have worked together to write a classroom agreement and thought about how they would like their class to be. They thought of good listening, being kind, being respectful, polite, tidy up and work hard! What a great year we will have!

At school we had an Ambitions Day. All the children thought about the career they might want to have when they grow up and dressed up as that occupation. In the Squirrel team we dressed up as a NASA scientist, teachers, vets, nurses, child minder, firemen, police officers, a professional dancer, a builder, chefs, lorry drivers, paelontologists, hairdresser. We also thought about the jobs ladies and men could do. When we grow up we can be anything we want to be!

Values - Ambition

In dance we have been thinking about moves linked to fire. We used our bodies to show how sparks fly and sizzle. We thought about how water puts the fire out. We made lots of interesting shapes to the music. Look at our video of our dance.

Dance - Fire

Drama - Acting the events of The Great Fire of London

Hook for learning!

At the beginning of the second half term the children found a mysterious letter. It looked burnt and torn. It was asking them to keep some precious goods safe, but they didn't know who had left it or where it was. They had to become detectives to find out! It was all very exciting! The children went on their hunt and started digging!

Hook for learning



The squirrel team have launched their rocket as they achieved 99% attendance and won attendance of the week. We are now aiming for 100%.

Squirrel Attendance

Squirrel Attendance 1
Squirrel Attendance 2
At Maun Infant and Nursery School we have characteristics for learning. These animals help us to take pride in our work and improve. In class we can be Go For it Gorrillas, Concentrating crocodiles, Proud Peacocks, The Slinky Linky Snake, Creative Chameleon. Whenever we are working we try our best to be like one of the animals. Look at the photos below to show how good we are at being concentrating crocodiles, proud peacocks and Go for gorillas! 

Characteristics for learning

Being Healthy

We always work hard to show our good values. At the beginning of the year we discussed how we wanted our team to behave. We have all sewn symbols linked to our values to show that we want to show respect, listen carefully, be kind to each other, aim for the stars and be ambitious, use kind words and always have good manners. Look at the photos which show our wonderful sewing.
Our topic is The Good, The Bad, The Useful. To start our learning off we had a visit from a local police officer who asked the Year 2s to follow the clues and solve a mystery. We collected the evidence and thought about who might be missing, we came up with lots of ideas.

Hook to start our learing

The Year Two team had a fabulous time at Maxey's Farm. We all visited the pumpkin patch and learnt about how they grow. It was an amazing sight to see all the pumpkins in the field!

Life Education Bus

The children visited the Life Education Bus today. They learnt lots of facts about the body, feelings and emotions. The children learnt about how our body works, why we need sleep and drink lots of water. They met Harold the Giraffe and helped him to solve a problem.



Life Education Bus

Music Lesson

The children are learning to play the DooDs. A DooD is the first step to learning the clarinet. They are tricky to play. In our fist lesson we learnt how to make a sound through blowing, how to make the note 'b'. We are all looking forward to our lessons each week.

Playing the Dood

Homework Challenge

Thank you for all your great efforts in the Summer homework challenge, you have all been so creative! Our display looks lovely! There is art work, writing, sewing, a mobile and a puppet! You have all worked so hard!

Our First week