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Welcome to Rabbit Team!

The Rabbit Team teacher is Miss Stannard

The Rabbit Team teaching assistant is Mrs Frearson


Our P.E. days are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please make sure all children have got suitable indoor and outdoor PE clothes as we will be trying to go outside as much as possible to use our grounds. 


Don't forget to bring a water bottle to school for your child to keep inside the classroom.


Have you signed up for Marvelous Me yet? If you haven't you may be missing messages, awards and postcards about your child's learning and their day at school. Contact Miss Stannard or the School Office for more details on how to sign up.




Creative Prayer Workshop

We had a great morning with Lisa and Heather making lots of different things. We made butterflies, flowers and decorated stones. The butterflies were to represent the creatures, the flowers were to represent the beautiful world around us and the stones represented the mountains. We also tied ribbons to branches to say thank you for trees. We were all given a prayer bracelet to take home. The beads are colour coordinated to link with the Lord’s Prayer. The children have a card that explains all the different meanings of the colours. 

 Skipping Workshop!

Wow! We’ve had a great afternoon at the skipping workshop with Skippy John. We showed off skills we already knew and then we learnt a few more. 

The Umbrellas by Renoir- Maun and Forest View Transition Day April 2018

Our Trip to Heatherbrook- April 2018


After the Easter Holidays, we went on a special visit to Heatherbrook Primary Academy in Leicester. We travelled by coach together with the Squirrels, leaving first thing in the morning. It was very exciting to see the different towns and villages we went through and also all the new lambs in the fields! When we arrived, we met the Year 2 class from a Heatherbrook as well as their Principal. They held a special assembly to welcome us to their school and told us lots of information all about Leicester. We found out more about what Leicester is famous for, as well as some places to visit if we ever came again. Then we went to explore the playground and field at Heatherbrook, taking part in different PE activities with the Year 2 class. We had a special packed lunch, sitting in one of the Year 6 classrooms which was fun to have a look around! After lunch we took part in lots of different activities linked to Leicester. We created some flags for Richard III, designed a football kit for Leicester City Football Club and made a rocket linked to the National Space Centre!

Painting 'The Great Wave'

Our Science learning this half term...🌱☃️☔️

🎌🇯🇵Our New Dance Topic...Japan!🇯🇵🎌

Road Safety Workshop

February 2018

Wow, what a busy month! We have been busy learning all about 'New Life'. To begin, we looked at Claude Monet's beautiful paintings linked to gardens and outdoors. Our hook involved uncovering one of these masterpieces, part by part and we tried to predict what this painting might be of. We then found out lots about Monet's life and created our own masterpiece pop-up books guides to the great artist! The whole team had lots of fun creating these, have a look at some in the photos below. We also designed our own gardens, thinking about the things we would like to feature and why, discussing with others what would be good to have. 

After we looked at 'The Growing Story' by Ruth Krauss and Helen Oxenbury. We created our own story maps to verbally retell the story without using the text and the children had lots of fun practicing at home to whoever would listen. These verbal retells helped us to write our own retelling of 'The Growing Story'.  In PE, we thought about growing up and the children devised their own dance or range of movements to show the ideas of growing up for people, animals or plants. 


In our science work, we have been investigating how plants and animals survive. During the first few weeks, the team learnt lots about habitats and why animals live in particular places. We created our own habitat for worms, working together a team to make a wormery. It was interesting to see the tunnels the worms  made through the layers of soil, sand and leaves we added! Then we investigated what plants needed to survive, planting cress and leaving them in a variety of places. We left some in the dark, some in the light, some in the cold, some in the hot, some with water and some without water. We made predictions as to which we thought would grow and why, and create our own Cress Investigation Diary to record our results. 

A visit from the local Fire station crew!

The Great Fire of acted by Rabbit Class

Still image for this video
We acted through the events of the Great Fire of London, looking at how the fire started, how it spread and how it eventually came to a stop. The team thought about how we could use our bodies and faces in different ways to show what was happening in each freeze-frame scene.

Pumpkin Soup making!

We have been enjoying our Doods lessons!

Our Visit to Maxey's Pumpkin Patch!

2nd October


We had such a lovely afternoon at Maxey's Pumpkin Patch yesterday! The children enjoyed learning more about how pumpkins grow as well as how many pumpkin seeds the Maxey family sow...which is close to 5,000! We loved exploring the gigantic patch, looking at the different variety of pumpkins on show. The children also got a chance to visit the wood which was particularly spooky ready to celebrate Halloween. Have a look at our photos below and enjoy a visit yourself to pick a pumpkin from this weekend!



Writing Riddles

25th September

In Year 2 we are about enter a poetry competition all about riddles. We had a look at some riddles, trying to guess who they were about. The children decided to write their riddles about the characters in the Cinderella story. We started to look closely at the characters in Cinderella, thinking about adjectives to describe their qualities, as well as their appearance. We worked together in small groups to mind map ideas for our riddles about the characters. After this we started to have a go at writing our riddles, can you guess who they are about?

We know who! Cinderella!

18th September


After investigating our clues, we realised who had gone missing! It was Cinderella! We created our own missing posters to alert people that she had gone missing. We made sure we included important information about what she was wearing and where she was last seen. 

After our missing posters, we thought about what questions we would like to ask Cinderella if we found her. The children came up with some excellent questions! 

The start of a mystery! Who has gone missing?

We had a visitor from Ollerton Police Station this week asking for our help in a missing person investigation! Someone had gone missing and had been last seen at our school. Who was it? We investigated 5 different crime scenes hoping to find some clues towards who might have gone missing...

Our first week together! September 2017

The children have really enjoyed their first week in the Rabbit classroom. We had a few nerves on the first day but the whole team have settled in so well, it's like they've always been there! During our week we have started to learn the different routines and expectations of being in Year 2. We looked at creating our classroom agreement as well as how we want to learn throughout the year. 

We enjoyed our first Phonics and maths sessions of the year too. Hopefully this will carry on right until July!