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Reach for the stars


Welcome to Badger Team


This is the web page for Badger Class which will be updated with lots of news about what we have been doing as well as useful information for parents and carers.The class teachers in Badger Class are Miss McGaw and Miss Carrott and our teaching assistant is Mrs Callendar. 

The children in Badger Class will have PE on Tuesday. PE kits should have the appropriate clothing for both indoor and outdoor PE as they will remain in school all the time. PE kits will be sent home for washing every half term. If children wear earrings they will have to be removed before coming to school on our PE days or, as an alternative, the children will have to bring their own plasters to school and be able to place them over their earrings themselves.

Water bottles should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. They will go home everyday for cleaning. If your child has a packed lunch, they need to bring their lunch in a disposable bag everyday. 



Our Hook

Today we completed a treasure hunt. We read and solved clues. We collected pictures link to our new famous person. We made lots of predictions, guessing who it might be. It was great fun! After collecting all the evidence, we found out that our inspirational famous person is Rebecca Adlington.

Solving the clues

World Book Day Challenge

Author of the Month

In November, we have chosen to read books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. Have you got any of these books at home? Which ones do you like best? Have you got a favourite?

Janet and Allan Ahlberg


This week we have been reading the story Perfectly Norman. It's a great story to learn about accepting who you are. We are all different and unique but all valued. We have been looking at friendships and how to be a good friend.

Anti-Bullying Week

We played Rock, Paper, Scissors. We made shapes with our bodies to represent rock, paper and scissors. If they won, then they skipped to the winning corner and if they lost, they skipped to the losing corner. However, the idea of the game was to boost their confidence, share compliments, congratulate each other, wish them luck. When they skipped to their corners, they then found another partner to play with. 

"Congratulations"    "Better luck next time"        "Great shape"        "Maybe next you'll win"


What a complimentary team! 

Colour Mixing

Our Learning Journey Throughout The Year

Our Learning Journey

Each week, we put our learning on a display. This display, shows our learning over the half term. We have worked hard. 

It is really important that your child reads every day. Reading is a skill like swimming or riding a bike - a little daily practice makes a world of difference. Each day we check the reading diaries to see if your child has shared a book, read flash cards or looked for tricky words. 

As an incentive, if your child reads the expected 3 times a week, they will receive a sticker and their name goes forward towards receiving the reading trophy. If they read 4 times, they receive a certificate. But 5 times or more, they can pick a treat from the treat box. 
Don’t forget you can also read the stories on BugClub. All your login details are in your reading diary.
We also have a reading Ted and diary. Keep reading and you may get a chance to take Reading Ted home with you for the weekend. 
Learning to read is such an important life skill, so let’s all work together to ensure the children in the Badger Team are confident readers. 


in class, we have a reading river. We want our children to love reading and understand that reading is needed everywhere. So, if your child reads a magazine, leaflet, shop sign, set of instructions, recipe, birthday card etc please send in a photo of them reading, or the recipe or leaflet and we will stick it up on our reading river. If you can’t send a photo, let us know and we will still write it up on the display. We can’t wait to fill it up with all reading information and photos. 

Reading River

Author of the Month

Each month we choose a different author. Throughout the year the children will increase their knowledge of authors, gain an interest in books and stories they possibly may not have read before. They will learn a little bit of information about the author and understand that anybody has the possibility to become an author or illustrator. 
Our author of the month is Kes Gray. Look out for his books. We have enjoyed reading Oi Frog, the children find it very funny. 

Author of the Month

Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow

In our reading area, we have a rainbow 🌈. Every colour matches the phonics phases. We are starting on the colour pink. When the children can read all the words on a colour, on flash cards and in a sentence, they can collect the matching colour raindrop. Each child will collect all the different coloured rain drops. Keep reading 📖. 😀

Holiday Homework

Steve Backshall

This term Steve Backshall is our inspirational famous person. He is a television presenter, author, adventurer and explorer. He travels the world to find out all about different animals. He will inspire us with our learning across the curriculum and our curiosity for learning will grow. Have a look at a few of the photos to see our learning so far.