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Welcome Back to Maun Infants and Nursery!


This is the web page for Badger Class which will be updated with lots of news about what we have been doing as well as useful information for parents and carers.The class teachers in Badger Class are  Miss McGaw and Miss Stannard and our teaching assistants are Mrs Calendar and Mrs Westbury.


The children in Badger Class will have PE on Tuesday and Thursdays. PE kits should have the appropriate clothing for both indoor and outdoor PE as they will remain in school all the time. PE kits will be sent home for washing every half term. If children wear earrings they will have to be removed before coming to school on our PE days or, as an alternative, the children will have to bring their own plasters to school and be able to place them over their earrings themselves.

Water bottles should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. They will stay in school all week and then sent home on Fridays for a good clean. Please make sure they come back to school on Monday morning.



We are launching our Maun Parliament. Each class has been thinking about what makes a good MP. In the Badger team, we have looked at the Houses of Parliament, The House of Commons. We set our classroom up like the House of Commons. The children have prepared speeches to say why they would make a good Maun MP. On Wednesday, the library was set up like a polling station and they all got to vote and post their votes into the secret ballot box.  

Maun Parliament.

As we are creating a Maun Parliament, we have been finding out all about Parliament. We created the House of Commons in our classroom. We created two sides for the speakers. We put the two red lines down the side, two sword widths apart. We created a table with boxes for the speakers and had a special chair for the speaker of the house. We also had a mace on the table. 

House of Commons

Homework Showcase

in Year one our Famous person who is inspiring our learning is Steve Backshall. He is an author, television presenter and explorer. He loves animals and reports about them. His programmes are very informative. We are learning about different reptiles and insects. We want to report about them just like Steve Backshall. 

Badger Homework

Well done to all the children and their families who made badgers over the summer holiday - they look lovely in our classroom!

It is really important that your child reads every day. Reading is a skill like swimming or riding a bike - a little daily practice makes a world of difference. Each day we check the reading diaries to see if your child has shared a book at home. This does not have to be their school reading book, it could be a bedtime story or a comic from the supermarket. If an adult has signed their diary, the next day the children can collect a sticker for their reading sticker chart. 

Please help them collect as many stickers as possible in a week. Remember if you read at home you can be in with a chance to get the weekly reading trophy!

Children's reading sticker charts

Children's reading sticker charts 1 Collect as many stickers as possible! Get reading!
In art we have been looking closely at pictures of badgers. We used sketching pencils to draw our own badgers. 

Badger sketching

We have been thinking about our school golden rules and values. We created a friendship web. We complemented each other and spoke about what special values we all have. 

Our Friendship Web

Our Learning