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Maths at Maun Infant and Nursery School


At Maun Infant and Nursery School we believe that Mathematics is a skill for everyday life that every child should be able to access and enjoy. We want the children within school to have a genuine enjoyment and curiosity of maths and the ability to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems in the classroom and in real-life contexts. Using the programmes of study from the National Curriculum and Pearson’s Power Maths, linked to the Schemes of Learning from White Rose Maths we aim to develop these, as well as children’s mathematical vocabulary and their abilities to logically think and reason about different problems.


Our aims as a school are to:

  • Develop children’s growth mindsets and positive attitudes to Mathematics, linked to Maun’s Characters for Learning.
  • Help children become confident and fluent with number and mental calculations
  • Allow children to become problem solvers who can reason and explain their answers
  • Develop children’s use of mathematical language.
  • Help children to become more independent in their Maths learning.

Power Maths - the whole-class mastery approach that works for every child

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White Rose Maths’ Schemes of Learning and Power Maths are used widely by many schools across the country to help foster a mastery approach in the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Teaching using the mastery approach means it is achievable for all.

Having high expectations for children encourages that positive mindset towards Maths, with lessons designed to follow small steps to give children opportunities to reason about concepts and make connections. We want to embed a deep understanding of maths by employing the CPA process in lessons:

Concrete­(using resources)  ⇒    Pictorial (2D pictures)   ⇒   Abstract (in your head)

We also use CLIC from the Big Maths Curriculum throughout School. CLIC stands for the 4 stages of how children acquire the basic skills of Mathematics:

· Counting children learn to count and ‘to count on’.

· Learn Its children then shortcut this counting by recalling their ‘counting on’ as facts.

· It’s Nothing New children then ‘swap the thing’ to realise the counting fact or ‘Learn It’ can be applied to any object, amount or unit of measure.

· Calculation children then apply and combine the last 3 stages to create a calculation strategy.

We call these skills ‘Core Numeracy’ and CLIC is a high priority at Maun as we need children to be numerate before they can use and apply other areas of Maths successfully.


From September 2020, Maun has subscribed to Power Maths’ companion app ‘School Jam’. This is a new app for schools featuring fun, easy to use maths activities to engage parents with their children’s learning and help them to make better progress in class. These weekly activities are sent out by teachers directly to parents’ phones or tablets and are linked to the maths their children are learning at school. The activities are either practical or digital. The app also includes maths help videos especially written for parents to show them what their children have been doing in class. Teachers can assess School Jam through Active Learn and preview all the activities and videos that can be sent out to parents across the year.

School Jam: How to use the School Jam app


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