Maun Infant and Nursery School

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Whole class reading

At Maun, the children take part in whole class reading where they get the opportunity to read and discuss quality texts.It is an essential part of our curriculum. It is one very important way that we can model our enthusiasm for reading and for books and create magic and excitement of reading a good book. The benefits of whole class reading are:

1. encountering new words and enriching vocabulary - the children will experience words that will not come up in every day conversation

2. Our children will enjoy and understand texts beyond their reading ability

3. Enhances imagination

4. Improves critical thinking and creative thinking skills

5. Expands our children's general knowledge and understanding of the world

6. Empathy is developed as they make connections with experiences of the characters in the text and with each other

7. Fluent, expressive reading is modelled

8. Enables them to make meaning from more complex texts

9. Conditions the brain to associate reading with pleasure

10. Plants a desire to read


Research argues that children who are read aloud to and discuss stories, read more and the more we read the more we learn and the more we are likely to continue to be life long readers.

Decodable Books

All our reading books are phonetically decodable. They are books that the children can read independently as they are carefully matched to their phonic ability. This approach develops confident readers.