Maun Infant and Nursery School

Reach for the stars

Starting in Ladybirds

Our usual practice for welcoming children into the Ladybird Team is as follows:


  1. Welcome Meeting in the second half of the term prior to children starting with us.  This is an opportunity for children and parents/carers to meet the staff and become familiar with the nursery environment
  2. Home Visit undertaken by two members of the Foundation Staff Team.  This is to meet children within familiar surroundings, where they feel comfortable and secure.  It's also a good opportunity to discuss any specific concerns and for parents/carers to ask any questions they may have
  3. Start Date which is when children officially join the Ladybird Team.  Once they start, they will attend every day to get into good routines, though they may not be expected to attend the whole nursery session from the outset.


To prepare our children for nursery, we ask parents/carers to support them to do the following with independence:


  • use the toilet
  • wash their hands (following the most up to date NHS guidance)
  • putting on and taking off their coat