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In English, a Maun child will be...

Our aim is to provide our children with an engaging, exciting and empowering English curriculum that equips them for today and the future. We aim to instil a desire for learning and motivate all pupils to develop, both individually and together. Our English curriculum framework enables all children to develop the skills and knowledge to allow everyone to reach their full potential.


Reading is the key to the rest of the curriculum, and we strive to ensure that all children become fluent readers. Our desire is for all children to develop a love of reading and extensive comprehension skills in both fiction and non-fiction.  In the Early Years and Key Stage One, children read phonically-decodable reading books drawn from a range of reading schemes. This ensures that sounds learned can be practised within a context at a consistent pace. Further reading scheme books are structured using the Book Bands system.   Each year group has a set of 10 different authors, ensuring our children are fed a diet of different texts by a range of high quality authors spanning across the decades.  Early phonics teaching progresses from letter sounds to spelling rules, and an understanding of grammar is built upon throughout the primary years so that children are able to communicate clearly for a range of different purposes and audiences.


At Maun, children learn to become writers in a rich stimulating environment.  Children write for a variety of purposes and will engage in a wide range of writing activities.  They are engaged in both narrative and non-narrative forms of writing.  At Maun we use the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach and this is developed through the introduction of CHATTA.


Children write daily through writing opportunities in both English and other curriculum lessons.  Handwriting is explicitly taught a minimum of 3 X per week and is taught using a print style with diagonal joins.

English - Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Maun, we teach a phonics in line with Letters and Sounds.  You can access the Letters and Sounds document using the link below.

Writing Components - At Maun we have developed a set of components to show what we want most children to achieve at the end of each year.

CHATTA - The CHATTA approach develops and strengthens children's skills in oral rehearsal before they write. It allows for scaffolded talk where children can practice vocabulary and the skills needs for sentence composition. The children can record themselves speaking sentences out loud and it allows opportunities for partner talk and a chance to develop and improve their ideas.