Maun Infant and Nursery School

Reach for the stars

PE Implementation & Impact


Our carefully planned child-centered PE curriculum 

  • PE at Maun provides challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sporting activities and skills delivered by teachers, specialists or coaches
  • Our pupils receive two high quality lessons each week to develop personal, social, physical, creative and cognitive skills
  • To support their health and well-being, pupils take part in a 'Daily Skip'. By improving their co-ordination and skipping skills, they can successfully take part in a skipping workshop
  • Pupils are invited to attend competitive sporting events in the local community
  • Coaches deliver physical activities and games at lunchtimes to support social skills and health and well-being




Through our PE curriculum we will engage, motivate and inspire our children to love being Physically active. We will equip our children with the core skills and knowledge so they are ready for their next phase of learning. Our pupils will develop their resilience to challenges and understand how being physically active can have a positive impact on their health and well-being.