Maun Infant and Nursery School

Reach for the stars

Year 1 Cohort Page

Welcome to the Year one page. On this page, you will find out about the current projects and homework challenges. This half term, we do PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. The children can come dressed in their active clothes. 


Please bring your reading book and diary to school everyday. If the children read 3 times a week, they receive a sticker. If the children read five times or more, they are able to get a dip in the box! Read lots in one week and you may even get chosen to take Reading Ted home!


In each class, we have a reading river. Print is all around us, so we want to encourage the children to bring items they have read other than their reading book; for example, leaflets, road signs, menus, comics. Bring in photos or the item and we will put them up on our reading river. 


Author of the Month

Every month we pick a different author. By the end of the year, the children will have listened to stories or poems by 10 different authors. 

September - Martin Waddell

October - Kes Gray


Oliver Jeffers

Our key question: What can I learn from a story?

Our concepts to link our learning: Creativity, morals


This half term, Oliver Jeffers is our inspiring famous person. He is widely known for his children's picture books. Visit the library and read some stories by this famous author. Who are your favourite characters? Which is your favourite story? We will use his stories to help us develop our writing skills. In maths, we will continue to use Power Maths and do CLIC every day to strengthen our number skills. In science, we will learn about the body and their body parts. We will make links to their 5 senses. In music, we will be learning all about pitch and identify and compare high and low sounds. In PE, we will be following our scheme REAL PE and doing dance. In art, we will be idnetifying primary and secondary colours and developing our painting skills. In history, we will be thinking about our own past and creating chronological timelines. We will be thinking about how we are all unique and learning about Black history. In PSHRE, we will be discussing is it kind or unkind? Is it ever ok to tease? What makes a positive friendship. We will use stories to learn about these topics. In RE, we will be learning about care, who cares for me? And the importance of caring.