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Year 2 Cohort Page

Summer 2.

If you go down to the woods today... What will you find?


Welcome to the final term of this school year.  It will be a busy term filled with lots of exciting things happening including our Perlethorpe trip, Transition week and Enterprise week!


Our famous person is the author Beatrix Potter and we will be finding out all about her life and love of animals.  This will link well to our woodland theme this term, as we will be learning all about micro-habitats in the forest during our science lessons.  In DT we will be designing our own woodland animal puppets and in English we will of course be focusing on Beatrix Potter texts as well as writing instructions for how to catch a Gruffalo; just in case you meet one in the woods!  

Our concepts this term our beauty, creativity and responsibility.  We think these link well when learning about Beatrix Potter as she saw the beauty in many animals and used her creativity to bring them alive on the page.  We will also be looking at and comparing the geographical locations of Nottinghamshire and the Lake District - both of which are beautiful for different reasons.  In PSHRE we will learn about the responsibility of earning money and keeping ourselves safe.  The RE topic links to Bible stories and how the themes in these stories lend themselves to people taking responsibility for their actions.


 Author of the Month


In June and July our authors of the month will be Rob Biddulph and AA Milne.  Both of these authors write about animals in very different ways.

Summer 2 Knowledge Mat

Summer Term


This term our famous person is the athlete Wilma Rudolph.  Our key text will be Amazing Grace - both of these link well to our question of 'Can dreams come true?' and our concepts of belief, prejudice and dreams.  Both these key people (Wilma Rudolph and Grace) faced problems in life that might have stopped them achieving their goals but with resilience, determination and courage their dreams came true.

In Science we will continue with the topic of plants and we will be planting our own seeds to observe the changes as they grow.  We will also learn about the parts of plants that we are able to eat.  As we are learning about an Olympic athlete we will use our History lessons to find out about the Olympic games and make comparisons with the ancient and modern games.  In DT, we will look at medal designs and be designing and making our own creations.  RE this term will be all about stories from the Bible and The Torah - we will understand how these stories have a message for how we can live our own lives.  Some of the stories we will learn are - Noah's Ark, The Good Samaritan and The Parable of the 2 Builders.


Author of the Month.

We will be focusing on Francesca Simon for the end of April and May.  She is most well known for writing the Horrid Henry books.  We will be reading these in class.

Summer 1 Knowledge Mat and Creative Homework Challenges

Spring 2.

This term our famous person in the musician Bob Marley and our key question is - How do colours and music make you feel?  We will be learning about Bob Marley's life and in geography we will find out what it is like to live in the Caribbean.  Our key text is Gregory Cool, it is all about a young boy who goes to stay with family in the Caribbean - a very different world to his own life.  We find out how Gregory comes to terms with all the changes and how he embraces life on a tropical island.  Our music will focus on the Bob Marley song - 'Three Little Birds'.  We will consider the lyrics and how they make us feel.  We will use instruments to keep a steady beat.

This term's science unit is all about plants, to begin with we will be learning about plants in our environment and understanding the life cycles of how plants grow.  We will also be looking closely at seeds and bulbs and making observations and classifying them. 

RE this term will cover the topic of 'Belonging' and we will consider how Christian people belong to a Christian community.  Later in the term we we look at the Christian festival of Easter and learn why it is important to Christian people.

In Art / DT we will be looking at patterns around us and being able to complete patterns and repeat them.  This will lead into us learning how to create our own tie-dye patterns later in the term. 

As we missed out on doing Mini Grey as our author of the month in February (due to lockdown) We will now be focussing on her books during March.

Spring 2 Knowledge Mat and Creative Homework

Spring 1

This term our famous person is the scientist Louis Pasteur and our key question is - How Can We Keep Ourselves Healthy?  We will be looking at Pasteur's medical discoveries linked to washing hands and vaccines.  Our key text is George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl this will link well with our PSHRE about medicines and we will be writing instructions to make our own marvellous creations!  This term's science unit is all about keeping healthy, we will be finding out what it means to eat a balanced diet and about the effects exercise has on our bodies.  RE this term is linked to Judaism, where we will be naming Jewish artefacts and learn about Jewish customs and stories. 


Our authors of the month for January and February will be Roald Dahl and Mini Grey.  Have you read their books?  Which ones did you enjoy?  Can you recommend any to other people to read? 

Spring 1 Knowledge Mat

Year 2 Online Learning - SWAYs


Here we will upload our daily links for the SWAYs





Autumn 2

This term our famous person is the artist L S Lowry, our key question is - How has life in Britain changed?  We will be finding out all about Lowry’s life and recreating art work in his style. Our concepts this term are Creativity, Change and Tradition. We’ll also be learning about the Queen’s coronation and how life in the Britain has changed over the years. We will compare our childhood with the childhood of Lowry in Victorian times.


Our Author of the Month for November is Steve Antony. We will be particularly focusing on his books called - The Queen’s Hat, The Queen’s Handbag and The Queen’s Christmas Gift.

Autumn 1.


This term our famous person is David Attenborough and our key question is - How can we look after our planet?  The key concepts we will look at are -  responsibility, community, stewardship, beauty and sustainability.   We will be eco-warriors and finding out what we can do to help look after our environment and the world.  Our key text will be The Coral Kingdom.  This will help us learn about the ocean creatures and the damage that is being done to the eco systems under the water.  

Our Author of the Month for September is Oliver Jeffers. We made a display of his book - Lost & Found.

CLIC  - Maths


At Maun Infant and Nursery school, we do CLIC maths everyday with the children. CLIC stands for Counting, Learn its, It's Nothing New and Calculation. The session lasts about 20-25 mins and its a scheme to improve the children's mental arithmetic. Each week we will upload an overview of the week, which will show what learning will take place in each section. Everyday new questions will be uploaded. Each week, the children usually do a CLIC challenge and a Learn It challenge. So every Friday we will provide a Learn It style challenge. They will have to see how many they can get correct in one minute without any help. The idea is that they try to beat their own score each week. So practice the learn its throughout the week and go for the challenge on a Friday. 

Our Reading River displays show the value in reading all types of texts. We can bring in any example of reading we do at home that is different to a book.