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Autumn 2

This term our famous person is the artist L S Lowry, our key question is - How has life in Britain changed?  We will be finding out all about Lowry’s life and recreating art work in his style. Our concepts this term are Creativity, Change and Tradition. We’ll also be learning about the Queen’s coronation and how life in the Britain has changed over the years. We will compare our childhood with the childhood of Lowry in Victorian times.


Our Author of the Month for November is Steve Antony. We will be particularly focusing on his books called - The Queen’s Hat, The Queen’s Handbag and The Queen’s Christmas Gift.

Autumn 1.


This term our famous person is David Attenborough and our key question is - How can we look after our planet?  The key concepts we will look at are -  responsibility, community, stewardship, beauty and sustainability.   We will be eco-warriors and finding out what we can do to help look after our environment and the world.  Our key text will be The Coral Kingdom.  This will help us learn about the ocean creatures and the damage that is being done to the eco systems under the water.  

Our Author of the Month for September is Oliver Jeffers. We made a display of his book - Lost & Found.

CLIC  - Maths


At Maun Infant and Nursery school, we do CLIC maths everyday with the children. CLIC stands for Counting, Learn its, It's Nothing New and Calculation. The session lasts about 20-25 mins and its a scheme to improve the children's mental arithmetic. Each week we will upload an overview of the week, which will show what learning will take place in each section. Everyday new questions will be uploaded. Each week, the children usually do a CLIC challenge and a Learn It challenge. So every Friday we will provide a Learn It style challenge. They will have to see how many they can get correct in one minute without any help. The idea is that they try to beat their own score each week. So practice the learn its throughout the week and go for the challenge on a Friday. 

Our Reading River displays show the value in reading all types of texts. We can bring in any example of reading we do at home that is different to a book.