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Mary Anning

Mary Anning was born in Lyme Regis in Dorset in 1799. After her father died, Mary continued to scour the beach and crumbling cliffs of Lyme Regis with her dog Trey and in 1823 she made another important discovery – the first ever Plesiosaur skeleton!


Spring 1

Mary Anning is the inspirational famous person who we are focusing our learning around this half term. 

Our learning concepts are passion, curiosity and equality.

Author of the Month

Each month we will have a different author. By introducing the children to different authors, we will widen their interests in many different characters and stories. 

Our Year 1 Authors

Every month we pick a different author. By the end of Year 1 the children would have listened to stories or  poems by 10 different authors. They would have experienced 10 authors in F2, then in Year 2, they learn about another 10 authors. This opens our children's eyes to different authors and genres.