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Who's Who

smiley Come and meet the staff at our school smiley
Picture 1 Miss Norman, Headteacher
Picture 2 Miss McGaw, Deputy Head and Y1 Badger Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Coltart, Office Manager
Picture 4 Mrs Alcock, Office Administrator
Picture 5 Mrs Ramsdale, Child and Family Support Worker/DPO
Picture 6 Mrs Tucker, Foundation Stage Leader/F1 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Emmonds, Teaching Assistant in F1
Picture 8 Miss Machant, Teaching Assistant in F1/KS1
Picture 9 Miss Carrott, F2 Admiral Class Teacher/SENCO
Picture 10 Mrs Yates, F2 Emperor Class Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs Findlay, Teaching Assistant in F2
Picture 12 Mrs Callendar, Teaching Assistant in F2
Picture 13 Mrs Westbury, Teaching Assistant in F2/KS1
Picture 14 Mrs Hall, Yr 1 Hedgehog Class Teacher
Picture 15 Ms Grace, Yr 1 Badger Class Teacher
Picture 16 Mrs Welch, Teaching Assistant in KS1
Picture 17 Mrs Frearson, Teaching Assistant in KS1
Picture 18 Miss Stannard, Teacher
Picture 19 Miss Robinson, Yr 2 Squirrel Class Teacher
Picture 20 Miss Bennett, Teaching Assistant in KS1
Picture 21 Mrs McLafferty, Teaching Assistant in KS1
Picture 22 Mrs French, Care Assistant in KS1
Picture 23 Mrs Witts, Teacher in FS/KS1
Picture 24 Mr Taylor, Site Manager
Picture 25 Mrs Wright, Teacher

Child and Family Support Worker - Mrs Ramsdale

Cleaner in Charge - Mrs Robertson

Cleaner - Miss Moore


      Midday Supervisors               Catering Team


          Mrs Collier                                      Mrs Black (Cook)

          Mrs Barrett                                    Mrs Palermo

          Mrs French                                     Mrs Marsh     

          Mrs Parker

          Mrs Lishman

          Mrs Rosamund

          Mrs Stothers

          Mrs Grubb 

          Mrs Hore

          Miss Moore


Mrs Westbury is also on duty at lunchtimes. She is responsible for making sure children have lots of activities to keep them active and happy.