Maun Infant and Nursery School

Reach for the stars

Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team:

Headteacher - Miss K. Norman

Deputy Head Teacher/Y1 Teacher - Miss N. McGaw

EYFS Leader/F2 Teacher - Mrs C. Yates

SENCO/F1 Teacher - Miss B. Carrott


Teaching Team:

Ladybirds Teachers (Nursery/F1) - Miss B. Carrott and Mrs E. Witts

Ladybirds Teaching Assistants (Nursery/F1) - Mrs S. Emmonds, Mrs C. Welch, Miss C. Fisher, Mrs J. Westbury and Miss B. Davies


Emperor Butterflies Teacher (Reception/F2) - Mrs C. Yates

Admiral Butterflies Teacher (Reception/F2) - Miss O. Palmer

Butterfly Teaching Assistants (Reception/F2) - Ms K. Pringle, Miss C. Whitefield, Mrs J. Westbury and Miss A. Chandler


Badger Team Teacher (Y1) - Miss B. Page

Hedgehog Team Teacher (Y1) - Miss C. Findley

Y1 Teaching Assistants - Mrs C. Findlay and Mrs A. Grubb


Squirrel Team Teacher (Y2) - Miss N. McGaw

Rabbit Team Teacher (Y2) - Miss E. Chapman

Y2 Teaching Assistants - Miss M. Bennett, Mrs S. Frearson and Miss L. Wardle


Senior Teaching Assistant - Mrs J. Westbury


Child and Family Support Worker - Mrs B. Ramsdale


Admin and Site Team:

Office Manager - Mrs S. Soloman

Office Administrator - Mrs C. Alcock

Site Manager - Mr S. Taylor


Midday Supervisor Team:

Miss L. Wardle

Miss C. Whitefield

Miss B. Davies

Miss A. Chandler


Catering Team:

Mrs A. Black

Mrs L. Marsh


Governing Body:

Chair of Governors: Mrs S. Wakefield

Vice Chair of Governors: Mr A. Bailey

Parent Governor: Mrs S. Woodward

Parent Governor: Mrs K. Donaldson

Parent Governor: Mrs H. Haynes

Headteacher: Miss K. Norman

Staff Governor: Miss N. McGaw

Co-Opted Governor: Mrs S Frearson

Co-Opted Governor: Mr M. Pringle

Local Authority Governor: Vacancy