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A Maun Child

Daily Skip

It is our aim to ensure all our children develop the fundamental movement skills and become competent and confident in PE. Our children will have the opportunities to develop their balance, agility and coordination. Skipping is visually appealing and children are often drawn to the activity, but can easily give up if it's too difficult. It is our aim to develop interest an enthusiasm by implementing daily skipping sessions that will develop confidence, coordination, proper jumping technique and ongoing interest.

Maun Skipping challenge

Maun is delivering a daily skipping challenge throughout school. Everyday, each team will have 10-15 minute session to develop exercises and skipping skills. It is our aim to teach our children to skip with a rope. Maun will be a 'Skipping School'.

Maun Infant and Nursery Skipping Handbook


Our PE curriculum, will ensure our children have a deeper understanding of the subject. Through their lessons, they will have opportunities to learn and improve their vocabulary. The Stem sentences will support the children in structuring their sentences. 

STEM Sentences

Jasmine's Journey

This short video explains the philosophy behind our child-centred approach to engage and challenge EVERY child through the REAL RE programme.