Maun Infant and Nursery School

Reach for the stars


Intent Statement

Identity, Possibilities, Resilience


At Maun, we want to encourage our children to be naturally inquisitive about the wider world around them and explore all the possibilities that the world has to offer.  Our science curriculum fosters a healthy curiosity in pupils about our world, promoting respect for living and non-living things.  Children will develop an understanding of the world around them and how their own science identity is a meaningful tool in their own lives at school and beyond.  Children at Maun are encouraged to be real advocates for change, developing their skills associated with Science as well their independence and resilience.


The science curriculum within school has been developed to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum in KS1, as well as the ‘Understanding the World’ strand of the EYFS Curriculum. We are committed to providing an engaging and challenging learning experience.  Throughout our school, children are encouraged to develop and use a range of scientific skills including questioning, researching and observing.  We want children at Maun to have a broad understanding of scientific vocabulary, feeling confident to use and apply their language in different contexts. Vocabulary is taught and built upon as topics are revisited in the EYFS and KS1. We intend to provide our children with wider opportunities in science and make links to other subjects.  By the time our children leave Maun Infant and Nursery School we want them to be able to think deeply about scientific discoveries that contribute to their own identity.   Through learning about different scientists in KS1, our children will see how the hard work and resilience of others has helped our world today.  This will encourage our children to have high aspirations and know that the world has many possibilities and opportunities for their future.

Science Curriculum