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Below is a compiled list of really useful websites with free games and activities that you can introduce to your child to supplement their learning.   Click on the link below and start the fun educational games: 

BBC Bitesize  - All topics
Arcade based maths games 
Create your own spelling lists, booklets & games
Spelling, Reading and Maths - Funzone

Spelling games - Scrabble, hangman, crosswords 
See N Spell - English, Science, Maths - choose your game
Patterns & tricky Words - Look, cover, check game

How we read at Maun - Parent information letter

Rainbow Grammar - Sentence Structure

Green represents the main subject of a sentence (normally a noun)

e.g. boy  children   bells   tree   Paul   television   apples

The next part of the sentence is where the action happens and we colour this orange. 

It is called the predicate (normally starts with a verb)

e.g. clucked around in the yard    rang out of the town    sizzling in the pan

We use red for all the punctuation that may occur in a sentence. this means full stops, exclamation marks, questions marks and commas.


Welcome to the Rabbit Team which will be updated with lots of news about what we are learning and useful information for parents and carers. The class teacher is Mrs Wright and our teaching assistant is Mrs Frearson. 


The children will have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. PE kits should have the appropriate clothing for both indoor and outdoor conditions as we will get outside weather permitting when we can.  If children wear earrings they will have to be removed before school ideally or as an alternative, the children will have to bring their own plasters to school and be able to place them over their earrings themselves.


Every child needs a water bottle which should be clearly labelled with their name  - we have many bottles of the same design!  They will stay in school all week and then sent home on Fridays for a good clean. Please make sure they come back to school on Monday morning.


Please keep returning to see our page as we will be updating regular all our fun learning and photographs as the year progresses :)



Term 4


This term our famous person is Bob Marley.  We will be learning all about his home country of Jamaica and learning some of his songs. We will be designing our own carnival style Caribbean tie dye t shirts in art. In science we are learning all about plants and will carry out experiments to see what plants need to survive. Our RE this term is Christianity, we will find out what it means to be a Christian and learn about their beliefs of the Easter story. 

Keep checking our webpage and Marvellous Me for updates of our learning.


Our Reading River - a way to share different ways to read.

World Book Day

PE with coach Keenan.

Our Eco campaign.

Eco posters
Eco posters
Eco posters
Bird houses made from recycling juice cartons.
Bird houses made from recycling juice cartons.
Our Eco monsters - made using our unwanted rubbish

Thinking about the Golden Rules.

We listen.
We look after property.
We work hard.
We are gentle.
We are kind and helpful.
We are honest.